2024 Rocky Mountain Songwriting Contest entries

    Geoff McKenzie – “Salton Sea”

    Geoff McKenzie – “Alibi”

    Henry Pepin – “Teton Valley”

    Henry Pepin – “Lipstick”

    Mike Ward – “The Currency of Forgiveness”

    Mike Ward – “All We Are Hoping For”

    Hilary Tipps – “Fort Worth”

    Hilary Tipps – “Walt Witman”

    Hilary Tipps & Stephen Obermiller – “Wait”

    Hilary Tipps & Stephen Obermiller – “Middle Age Prodigy”

    Stephen Obermiller – “Interrupting Tumbleweeds”

    Stephen Obermiller – “Mrs. Montgomery”

    Brett Anthony – “31”

    Brett Anthony – “Bridges”

    Phil Carson – “No Hand To Hold”

    Phil Carson – “Missing That Woman’s Touch”

    Ben Bostick – “Lucky Us”

    Ben Bostick – “Sweet Maria”

    Phillip Coomer – “Still Lives”

    Phillip Coomer – “All The Medicine I Need”

    Angela Perry – “Shatter Cane”

    Eric Douglas – “Guardrails”

    Eric Douglas – “Richmond Avenue”

    Gloria Anderson – “Yours”

    Gloria Anderson – “Boozehounds & Gamblers”

    Heather Platts – “The White Horse of Black Daisy Canyon”

    Heather Platts – “As Is”

    Haley Harkin – “Life Passes By”

    Apis Mellifera – “Expectations”

    Apis Mellifera – “Going To Hell”

    Karyn Ann – “8 Hours”

    Joanna Branum – “Steal My Body”

    The twenty finalists will be notified on or before May 1, 2024.

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